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Heather Edwards, LMHC, NCC, BCC

About Heather – The Inside Scoop.

What’s stopping you from achieving greatness?

Over 15 years of Psychotherapy and Coaching experience has taught me a thing or two about inspiring change and transforming action into success.   Now I want to use that experience to help you heal and actualize your full potential!  What are you waiting for?

Sometimes change seems impossible – especially when things are going wrong! Whether you’re facing divorce, loss a loved one, adjustment to living in NYC, self esteem, depression, anxiety, or a desire for something better –  it’s time to reach out for therapy or coaching.

I am a Board Certified Coach, National Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and MBTI Certified Practitioner in New York City.  My approach is custom tailored to suit your personal or business needs, strengths, and vision for your ideal future.

I utilize elements of Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Rational Emotive Behavioral (REBT) Therapy, with Mindfulness and Solution Focused Coaching. I want to empower you to heal the past, establish dream goals, and ascertain results.

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Bio – In a Nutshell:

Heather began practicing Mental Health Counseling in 1992 in Home Based Family Therapy Services. Her patients were referred by schools, the Office of Mental Health, and the Department of Child and Family Services.  They were in need of therapeutic intervention to stabilize their abusive and/or neglectful family systems.

In 1996 she completed her Master of Arts in Psychology Degree and began providing Group Therapy and One-On-One Counseling to adolescents, adults, dual diagnosis, and geriatric patients in an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital setting. These patients were considered a risk of harm to themselves or others due to the acuity of their symptoms.

In 1998 she earned her License as a Clinical Professional Counselor and began Supervising and Directing programs at Outpatient Mental Health Centers. These centers focused on community, family, individual, and school based mental health.  

She then began providing Clinical Care Management to hospitals nationwide, offering clinical guidance and authorization for psychiatric, mental health, and substance abuse treatment at these facilities.

She began her Manhattan Based Private Psychotherapy Practice  in 2009 – where she provides Counseling and Coaching services today.  

She is an MBTI Certified Practitioner offering Career, Relationship, Executive and Corporate Coaching services.  Her guilty pleasure is writing blogs for Psychology Today on a variety of therapy and coaching topics.



  1. Andy says:

    You’re so cool!

  2. Greg Hayrynen says:

    I’m just looking to be happy after 19 years of marriage to a woman that was very self centered only thought of herself.

    • Greg- look for the positive people & activities in your life. Notice them. They are there! Focus your time and attention on the people & things that give you energy. You will feel happy again! It takes time to heal. Be flexible with yourself.

  3. Mark Longo says:

    This makes me HAPPY.

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