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PsychotherapyHeather Edwards Psychotherapy in New York

You know something isn’t right. You feel irritable, sad, unworthy, or insecure. Life seems too complicated or challenging to keep up with its demands. You’re not functioning on the level you want to be, and not feeling the joy and ease you want to feel.

Depression can cause you to feel tired, uninspired, alone, and sad. It can happen due to a specific incident or unwanted circumstances in your life. It can also be a biological or hereditary condition that’s always existed for you. Either way, there are ways to clear the hopelessness and brain fog that can occur with depression. I can help. In psychotherapy, you can develop clarity and ease to live fully each day.

Anxiety can cause you to feel nervous, short of breath, tense, and fearful. This too, can be caused by a specific incident or anticipated challenge like public speaking. It can also be a biological or hereditary condition that’s always existed for you. Some anxiety is learned through observing role models’ responses to stress in your early years. I can help you reduce anxiety and improve your sense of ease through psychotherapy services.

Toxic relationships can cloud your thinking, cause you to question your own sanity, and negatively impact your mood and agency in life. I can help you identify toxic patterns and discover ways to change them. After all, we tend to attract what we are willing to receive. Often, the work involves setting boundaries, learning how to say, “No.”, and forgiving yourself.

Low self esteem can be the by-product of many things. Your self confidence and belief in your own abilities can be challenged by failure, betrayal, negative messaging as a child, trauma, or comparisons. Break free of those limiting experiences. I can help you build from the ground up through strengths based discoveries. Get in tune with what matters most to you. Choose actions that move you toward what is most important.

Analysis Paralysis can keep you stuck and spinning your wheels. Is decision making stressful? Does it feel like you waste a lot of energy obsessing about not making the right choice? I can help you stop the endless, “What if?” cycle and confidently choose through aligning your values and intentions. Slow the racing thoughts, clearly see your options, choose with confidence and ease.

Fear of Public Speaking can keep you limited in your career and personal life. Do you turn down offers to share your expertise or story with an audience? Is this limiting your professional or personal growth? What is getting in the way? I can help you clear the fear and embrace an empowered and confident way of approaching group experiences.

In Psychotherapy services, you will uncover blocking beliefs that keep you stuck.

    • Heal the past and reduce emotional pain.
    • Shift patterns of thinking or behavior that self sabotage.
    • Leverage your internal strengths.
    • Build healthy relationships and wellbeing.
    • Discover strategies to navigate challenges.

Mindfulness, EMDR, and Integrative Psychotherapy are just of few ways to:

  •       Stimulate your brain and body’s natural healing process.
  •       Rewire neural pathways
  •       Heal your emotions and trauma

The rewards of therapy can be life-changing. It requires your commitment and willingness to engage in meaningful and sometimes difficult work, but don’t you owe it to yourself?

It’s time to feel good and to love your life!


Couples Counseling:Heather Edwards Psychotherapy

Are you and your partner fighting all the time? Or not talking about the issues that make you feel resentful, defensive, or disrespected?

Communication breakdowns, health concerns, career troubles—whether it’s big issues or a buildup of everyday life irritations, can leave you both feeling unhappy and that your relationship is in trouble.

I will help you reconnect and reinvest in each other so that your relationship can become loving, spontaneous, and strong again.

Sometimes couples get stuck in the fear, stress, and pressure of life. Instead of turning toward each other for support and taking a team approach to problems, they turn away and begin blaming each other, scapegoating, or distancing. This results in many people feeling alone and lonely in their relationships.  

Sometimes, conflicts occur because of subconscious messages or trauma from previous relationships and/or your family of origin. Every human needs to feel a sense of safety and belonging. It’s ingrained in our DNA as social creatures for survival. When it’s disrupted it causes increased volatility and insecurity.

In my work with couples, partners are often fighting for the same end, but are “languaging” or strategizing differently from the other. The end goal gets lost in words, actions, and frustrations. I can help you come together, really hear each other, slow the conversation, and build a foundation that is securely rooted in the two of you as a unit.

Borrowing from the couples therapy experts The Gottman’s, Harville Hendrix Imago, Esther Perel, and Sue Johnson you will be supported in getting back to the basics of couplehood and end the destructive patterns threatening your relationship or marriage.

In Couples Counseling, you will learn and practice proven methods for restoring:

  •  Healthy Communication
  •  Empathy
  • Validation
  • Connection
  • Passion

Together, you will strengthen your foundation and move toward the loving, passionate, secure bond you crave.

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Life Coaching:

Heather Edwards Life Coach

You’re dissatisfied with the status quo. You see your friends getting promotions and raises, starting businesses and families, traveling and seeking adventure. Your life feels stuck and stagnant. You’re frustrated. Everyone else is getting ahead while you watch and wonder, “why not me?”.

You want to earn more money, discover an inspiring career, have the financial freedom to travel and explore the planet, feel healthy and happy, and find your soulmate. But how can that happen when you don’t know where to begin?

I will guide you through a discovery process in which you can identify what matters most  and achieve the life you want. Through visioning, working backwards, and decluttering, you notice next steps and the obstacles that get in your way.

You’ll get clear on what you know and what you don’t know. This leads you down a pathway toward the information and resources you need to excel.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

Get crystal clear on your life goals. Take an inventory of your already present strengths and talents. Leverage those to reach the next level.

Declutter your life. Brainstorm strategies and insights that lead you to “aha” moments. Recognize the gifts you already possess. Learn the behaviors, routines, and strategies that produce results.

In Life Coaching, you will identify the skills and actions necessary to reach your goals. You will complete weekly goal directed homework. You will be held accountable with a weekly check-in coaching phone call. You will own your progress, the pitfalls and the victories.

There are many skills you can learn in Life Coaching. Here are a few that can help you navigate the unique challenges blocking the way to your life satisfaction.

  • Communication Skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Mindfulness
  • Values Based Actions
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Time Management
  • Decluttering
  • Prioritizing
  • Developing Strategy/Structure
  • Life Balance
  • Health/Wellness
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Visioning
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress Management
  • Personality Compatibility (MBTI)

If any of these are missing from your repertoire of life skills, you could be selling yourself short in the long run. You deserve to actualize your full potential. Only you have the special gift of being you. Imagine you how you could stretch, grow, and achieve what seems impossible. You and the world need you to be your best.

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Workshops: Heather Edwards Coaching New York

Happy and healthy people are productive people!

  • Stress Management
  • MBTI Assessment
  • One on One Sessions

How does stress affect morale, productivity, and wellness?

How do these impact the mission of your organization?

What can you do about it?

Managing stress improves morale. Show you care by giving your staff wellness workshops that focus on nurturing them!

  • Increase wellness.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase team work.
  • Increase profits.

Optimize your biggest asset – your people!

Heather Edwards is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor,  Board Certified Coach,  & National Certified Counselor. She is a frequent contributor to Psychology Today.  She provides individual therapy, couples therapy, corporate coaching, and life coaching.