Heather Edwards Coaching New York Happy and healthy people are productive people! 

Stress Management Workshops

MBTI Assessment

Team Building Workshops

One on One Sessions

  • How does personality type affect decisions, relationships, and work performance?  
  • How does stress affect morale, productivity, and wellness?  
  • How do these impact the mission of your organization?

What can you do about it?

Heather Edwards Coach New YorkEach of us is a complex, multi-faceted individual.  We possess similar ways of gathering energy and information, making decisions, and interacting with the world – but we naturally prefer one way over another. Armed with the insights and tools for leveraging personality type, strategize to optimize your company’s performance. 

  • Discover strengths and blind spots.
  • Develop strategies to effectively troubleshoot obstacles.
  • Leverage strengths to your advantage.  
  • Experience a renewed sense of confidence and compassion, and a drive to achieve more!  

Managing stress improves morale. Show you care by giving your staff wellness workshops that focus on nurturing them! Outward demonstrations of appreciation are tremendous motivators.

  • Increase wellness.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase team work.
  • Increase profits.

Optimize your biggest asset – people!

Read my article on Carl Jung and personality type here for more details about his theory and development of the MBTI.

Heather Edwards is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor,  Board Certified Coach,  & National Certified Counselor. She is a frequent contributor to Psychology Today.  She provides individual therapy, couples therapy, corporate coaching, career coaching, and life coaching.