These are My Thoughts Based On 20+ Years of Helping People Find Meaning, Purpose, and Inspiration in Their Lives. I Hope They Help You Discover Your Desires and a Pathway to a Life You LOVE.

Thanksgiving is a time of family, tradition, love, abundance, and appreciation. It’s celebrated nationwide annually […]

Thanksgiving: A Grateful Heart

Each of us has a unique life story. We come from different families, places, and […]

Design Your Best Life

Psychology 101 teaches students everywhere that besides food, water, and air, the most basic of […]

Seeking Refuge

It goes by various names: gut, instinct, insight, intuition, even a sixth sense, but whichever […]

Trusting Your Intuition

SEARCH FOR INSPIRATION EVERYDAY! I find inspiration in the people around me. My clients, friends, […]


In my Coaching and Psychotherapy work with individuals, couples, families, and business partners I’ve found […]

Rules for Fair Fighting

Goal-Setting for the Fall Season. Fall is the season of change and transition, the air […]

Fall Into a New You

Jessi Haggerty, Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, and Movement Instructor in Boston, MA recently asked me […]

Beating Bad Habits