Psychotherapy Services

psychotherapy services

Individual Psychotherapy:

In individual psychotherapy you will meet one on one with your therapist to discuss the problems that bring you to therapy.  You will be heard non-judgementally and unconditionally regardless of the difficulties you are facing. 

In the therapeutic relationship, you will be supported in setting and obtaining your personal goals for well-being. Therapy is a process, which involves a commitment and willingness to engage in meaningful and sometimes difficult work. It’s rewards however, can be life changing.

  • Mindfulness: Experience life fully as it unfolds around you. Practice true presence, awareness, and non-judgement. Develop a centered, grounded, authentic place from which you interact with the world.
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy: EMDR is a psychotherapy that helps the brain integrate experiences and blocking beliefs effectively so that you can live life more fully and authentically.
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy): CBT is a psychotherapy that supports you in identifying and changing the thoughts that cause negative emotions. It empowers you to reclaim the way you experience your life, career, and relationships.
  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Assessment: The MBTI is an assessment of personality preferences. It gives you an edge in understanding what makes you tick and levering your unique qualities for maximum success in relationships, career, and overall wellbeing.

Couples Therapy: Finances, health, family, career, and communication break downs can threaten the stability of relationships. Kick start your relationship to become loving, spontaneous, and fun again.

  • In couples therapy, you and your partner will identify and resolve problems – such as defensiveness, anger, stonewalling, contempt, infidelity, conflict, criticism, and avoidance. Together, you will strengthen and rebuild your relationship. Learn how to support each other in a loving, spontaneous, validating way.  Proven methods for restoring healthy communication, empathy, and working with each other instead of against each other shore up your foundation and move you forward to the loving bond you desire.

Family Therapy: Families can get stuck in counterproductive and dysfunctional patterns. Conflict, miscommunications, avoidance, and acting out can ensue.

  • In Family Therapy you and your family will meet together to resolve the dysfunctional relationships and stressful dynamics at home.  You will identify and change family system problems that impact your ability to live together peacefully. Through implementing proven methods of communication, and rebalancing the power within your family, you will experience an alleviation of stress, reduced conflict, and happier relationships in your family. 


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