What We Do

Psychotherapy:Heather Edwards Psychotherapy in New York

Whatever your reason for exploring therapy – divorce, relationships, job stress, trauma, grief, anxiety, depression – I am here to hear you non-judgmentally and unconditionally.   I will help you:

  • Uncover blocking beliefs that keep you stuck.
  • Resolve past experiences to free yourself of the negative feelings that burden you.
  • Identify patterns of thinking or behavior that sabotage your dreams.
  • Discover strengths and clarity for breaking through barriers.

Life transitions can derail your best intentions to live passionately and wholeheartedly.

Mindfulness, EMDR, and CBT are tools I weave into the work with my clients to…

  • Calm the central nervous system.
  • Retrain thinking patterns.
  • Integrate emotions and trauma.

You will be supported in setting and achieving your personal goals for well-being.

Therapy is a process, which involves a commitment and willingness to engage in meaningful and sometimes difficult work. It’s rewards however, can be life changing.


Couples Counseling:Heather Edwards Psychotherapy

Finances, health, family, career, and communication break downs can threaten the stability of relationships. Kick start your relationship to become loving, spontaneous, and fun again.

You and your partner will identify and resolve problems, such as:

  • Defensiveness.
  • Anger.
  • Stonewalling.
  • Contempt.
  • Infidelity.
  • Criticism.
  • Avoidance. 

Together, you will strengthen and rebuild your relationship. Learn how to support each other in a loving & validating way.  Practice proven methods for restoring:

  • Healthy communication.
  • Empathy.
  • Collaboration.
  • Spontaneity
  • Play

Shore up your foundation and move toward the loving bond you desire.


Life Coaching:

Heather Edwards Life Coach

Blaze YOUR trail. Be your own navigator. Embrace your unique self. Gain clarity. Develop a strategy. Take action!  Edge closer to becoming who and how you want to be with the established methods of your Coach.

Heather Edwards’ Life Coaching in New York will provide the support, encouragement, and extra push required to stretch you beyond your comfort zone and achieve success. She will collaborate with you to actualize the personal and professional change you desire.

The Six ‘C’s of Coaching for Success:

  1. Clarify your goals.
  2. Commit to achievable steps.
  3. Check-in weekly for accountability.
  4. Create strategies and solutions.
  5. Celebrate victories.
  6. Catapult change.

Not ready to start life coaching? Read more about it here…

Workshops: Heather Edwards Coaching New York

Happy and healthy people are productive people!

  • Stress Management
  • MBTI Assessment
  • One on One Sessions

How does stress affect morale, productivity, and wellness?

How do these impact the mission of your organization?

What can you do about it?

Managing stress improves morale. Show you care by giving your staff wellness workshops that focus on nurturing them!

  • Increase wellness.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase team work.
  • Increase profits.

Optimize your biggest asset – your people!

Heather Edwards is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor,  Board Certified Coach,  & National Certified Counselor. She is a frequent contributor to Psychology Today.  She provides individual therapy, couples therapy, corporate coaching, and life coaching.