Psychology Today: 5 Ways to Happiness

Heather Edwards Happiness Psychotherapist CoachTime to get inspired. 5 Ways to Happiness.

This Psychology Today piece is by guest blogger: Heather Edwards. It is meant as wind behind your sails. It’s poetry, an action plan and modeling.

And, yes, it’s time to get going.


Throughout the years, people have asked me how I do the intensive work that I do. This question perplexes me. I wonder the opposite.

How could I not do what I do?

Power Of Inspiration:

I am inspired by the healing, wanting, dreaming, changing, and transforming that happens in the therapy and coaching room everyday.

The person who leaves my office is not the same person who entered it 45 minutes earlier. They have a new insight, idea, peace, or focus to carry with them into the world.

Yes, it is sometimes difficult work. And it is always challenging. It ebbs and flows. But when you meet someone where they are — whether it’s a high point or low one — it validates them. It invites them to go somewhere else – somewhere better with you.

The Art Of Listening:

Non-judgment. Open awareness. Empathy. Compassion. Belief. That’s what I bring to the room.

Sure, I have a toolkit of therapy and coaching techniques, but those are rendered useless without the former as a foundation. With Carl Rogers as my teacher, I learned how to listen. When you truly hear someone, you can help someone.

Manifest Positive Intentions:

My mother is a birdwatcher, wildlife painter, and lover of life, family, and friends. I consider myself to be very similar in my passions. I’m not in the woods with binoculars, or in my artist studio with a paintbrush, but I’m in my office with eager people ready to stretch their wings and fly. They want to create. They want freedom. They want joy, purpose, and relevance. So do I.

It’s exhilarating, unpredictable, and yet, grounding.

Stay Grounded:

Trust. Authenticity. Courage. Hope. Intention. Abundance. Expansion. That’s what happens in the therapy and coaching room. It’s moving. It’s life changing. It’s what keeps me there and invites me back.


Two sides of the same coin… Frustration/Hope…  Sorrow/Love…  Fear/Safety… And so on…  Spin it however you want. Whichever side of that coin faces up when the spinning stops, remember its source. A positive place, a wanting of light.

Embrace what you want.

Go deep down inside your gut.

Live. Love. Glow. Give.

Gratitude. Abundance. Positivity.

Believe in it. Embody it. Make it your truth.


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Confidence Coaching – Empowering You

New York Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

Who hasn’t experienced a knot in the stomach, a lightheaded feeling, or tunnel vision in the moments before a performance, important meeting, or unfamiliar situation? Nobody!  Whether you’re giving a talk, playing a song, or simply networking – stage fright is a very real thing.  Self confidence is at risk.

 It is stifling to believe you didn’t measure up or worse, you let someone down.  It can stop you from stretching to new heights and leave you longing for your safe zone – which might prompt a counterproductive step back to avoid the new challenge.

Create your intention.  Recall moments you felt fully competent.  Tap into that feeling emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and viscerally.  Allow your consciousness to absorb all those positive thoughts, feelings, and sensations.  Cumulatively, they affect your body’s chemistry in a positive way, and make it easier to stay positive and feel confident.

When negative thoughts are allowed to take over, the result is a sense of failure, defeat, and low self worth.  A stress reaction is triggered.  Here’s what happens – our sympathetic nervous system reacts automatically to a perceived threat, whether that threat is physical or emotional.  Our heart rate increases, pupils dilate, and adrenaline is activated.  Your body is in a state of alarm.

Sound familiar?  This is stress.  This is anxiety.  It’s also normal and natural.  If what you want is empowerment, then get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Without risk, nothing changes.  Reframe that unproductive self talk and identify the belief system creating the domino effect.  If its true that what you focus on is what you feel, then shift your focus.

Define who you are and where you’re going. Be in tune with your true self.  Attract new people and opportunities into your life with a self love and assuredness that may not have existed previously.  It is liberating and exciting.  Welcome insecurity and uncertainty.  They are necessary components of change and personal development.

Soothe that inner awkward version of yourself with your hard-earned wisdom. Embrace the collective knowledge and skills you’ve developed through experience.  Allow yourself to speak kindly and enthusiastically to your unsure self.   Own your dreams and aspirations. Acknowledge and release the stifling fear.  Believe you are good enough.  Breathe.

New York Psychotherapy Life Coaching

Reassure yourself. Tap into your vision of your best self, or a trusted role model or mentor. Notice the behaviors & qualities that make that person or version of yourself valuable to you. Learn from them.

Remember that people in your audience today aren’t familiar with that awkward self who’s crying out for comfort.  What they know is what you present here and now, in this room, in this moment. Be mindful.  Every action you take now is a fresh start toward creating the empowered person you intend to be and want to project.

Notice YOUR strengths. Define YOUR values. Be PRESENT. Acknowledge your BLIND SPOTS.  Celebrate your WINS and VICTORIES everyday.  Take time to NOURISH yourself morning and night.

CHANGE in one small way this week.  Discover a new way to interact with your world. One that expresses and invites gratitude, generosity, and abundance. Notice the increased optimism and positivity it attracts.  This is a place where you can feel confident about being you and create the life you want.